Pastor David M. Fryson Speaks at Juneteenth Kick-off

“When you are free you need to celebrate, but celebrate within who you are.”  This was just one of the great points Pastor David M. Fryson left with us yesterday at our Juneteenth kickoff.  Remember your beginnings and the generations before you and keep pressing forward for the ones who will come after.

Growing up on West Virginia State College Campus, Pastor Fryson’s resume’ is nothing short of commendable.  He has worked with Leon Sullivan, held national office positions and is the current Chief Diversity Officer at WVU but he says his greatest accomplishment was convincing his wife to marry him.  He credits all his achievements to his partnership with her.

Growing up, Pastor Fryson was raised by two great role models who in his speech yesterday and our interview prior to, made sure to acknowledge.  His mother, Dorothy Fryson who lived to see 102 years of age and his father David Fryson, Sr. taught him to persevere and the value of hard work.  In his speech he left us with a quote “get education, do not let it get you”.  He went on to say it is great to seek knowledge but it is important to remember where you come from.  Needless to say Pastor Fryson is exemplifying this.

Also, in an interview with Pastor Fryson when asked about growing up on WVSC campus and in the era he did, how did it affect him?  His response was subtle and straight to the point.  State was more than place of school it is life.  This is a prime example of keeping your values and remembering where you come from.

Yesterday, Pastor Fryson left us with a good piece of knowledge.  He said “Remember West Virginia at the forefront, before Black History Month Carter G. Woodson was in Huntington, WV.  Before the Niagra Movement there was a Harper’s Ferry Movement and before Booker T. and Tuskeegee there was Booker T. in Malden, WV”.  Pastor Fryson was remarkable and left us with a charge.  There were generations before who paved the way for us and we must do the same for those coming.  We are the American Dream so lets keep moving forward. Image


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